Project title: Creating a new public view of women 

Location: Serbia

Budget: 44,062.60 EUR

Role:  coordinator

Donor: European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights – Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Serbia   

Duration: November 2016 – November 2017

Short description of project: The project focused on advocating for the respect of gender equality and elimination of gender-based stereotypes, through education and media reporting. The general goal of the project was increasing public awareness about topics concerning gender equality and women’s rights through education of journalists and students of journalism, as well as encouraging their direct cooperation with civil society organizations. Specific goals of the project were: 1) Education of journalists and students of journalism about better reporting on women and their position in society, as well as negative reporting practices and how to improve them; 2) Better cooperation between civil society organizations and media workers aimed at greater visibility of civil society organizations and better quality reporting; 3) Raising public awareness about key topics concerning women’s rights and negative practices and gender-based stereotypes. Main activities: 1) two-day training on the topic of gender equality and analysis of the media image of women for 16 journalists/students of journalism and 16 representatives of CSOs; 2) 8 public debates organized by journalists and CSO representatives; 3) 32 media products on the topic of gender equality and topics dealt with by participating CSOs.