Foundation 021 is a non-governmental and non-profit organization founded in February 2010 in Novi Sad, Vojvodina Province.

We see the rich multicultural heritage of Vojvodina as inexhaustible wealth and inspiration. Our values are respect for diversity, gender equality, responsibility, solidarity, optimism, activism, active participation.

Mission: Foundation “021” informs and educates citizens by empowering them to achieve their opportunities, rights and freedoms, promote principles of gender equality and freedom for all. We plan and carry out our activities in cooperation with other civic organizations, focused primarily on changes in local communities.

Vision: Our vision is Vojvodina in which all citizens have equal opportunity to exercise their freedoms, rights and potentials, developing interculturalism and respecting the principles of gender equality.

We dedicate our attention to marginalized social groups and individuals and those lacking social power: youth, women, representatives of national minorities, socially and economically vulnerable persons.

In January 2019, the Foundation “021” launched MultiRadio ( as a community media, primarily youth-oriented. The program is implemented in the form of a blog, podcast and online radio.

The Foundation is managed by a three-member Managing Committee. The Foundation has a long-year experience in project implementation and cooperation with domestic and foreign organizations.  

We implement our activities through projects in the field of human rights and democratization, encouraging interculturality, improving gender equality and the status of youth. Humanitarian actions are also part of our work.



Empower women in the field of entrepreneurship and encourage women’s entrepreneurship in Vojvodina.


Contribute to informing and raising awareness of citizens of Vojvodina, especially youth, about the significance and need for development of interculturality.


Encourage citizens, especially youth, to actively engage in the work of the civil

The results of our work during the previous 10 years are summarized in this short video.