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Foundation 021 is a non-governmental and non-profit organization founded in February 2010 in Novi Sad, with an aim to contribute to preservation and promotion of tradition and transformation of Vojvodina Province in the reform process in Serbia.

We respect diversity and are not afraid of being different. We have united our education, knowledge and experience to provide conditions for achieving what we have gathered for, by organizing debates, campaigns, multimedia promotions, cultural programmes and humanitarian activities.

We devote the most attention to marginalized social individuals and groups, economically vulnerable people – children and young people, women, but also other citizens away from centers of power and decision making.

We equally defend and commit ourselves to what is individual and collective; local and global; for what has already been proven and recognized, but also for the new one; traditional and contemporary.

Our keywords are responsibility, knowledge, creativity, solidarity, respect, enthusiasm and optimism.

Mission: Founded in multiethnic, multicultural, multi-confessional and multi-language region of Vojvodina, Foundation 021 initiates, supports and promotes civilian ideas and activities that build and protect society in which diversity, human and equal rights are respected.

Vision: Vojvodina as a country in which citizens have equal opportunities to realize their rights and potentials, proud on their mutual ethnic, religious and language differences.

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