Project title: Responsible online – For a hate free internet

Location: Province of Vojvodina

Role: coordinator

Donor: Netherlands Embassy in Belgrade

Duration: March – October 2020

Short description of project: The project addresses the issue of internet freedom and human rights, focusing on the perspectives of youth (18-35) in a diverse social-economic context. The project strives to contribute to internet freedom through informing youth (18-35) on the territory of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina on respect of human rights online and unacceptability of hate speech. The project intends specifically to 1) raise awareness of youth on the territory of Vojvodina on the respect of human rights in online space and 2) improve the capacities of independent online media to address the issue of hate speech occurring online. The general approach focuses on giving voice to youth (including those coming from marginalized social groups), while strategies of action include education, informing, awareness raising and capacity building. The project involves the creation of different media content addressing topics of hate speech (including that directed towards vulnerable groups and journalists) and the issue of standing up to it in the online environment.