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2010-2011 In the service of citizens, not the government

Project title: In the service of citizens, not the government  

Location: Vojvodina

Role:  coordinator

Donor: Institute for Sustainable Communities – USAID and Foundation for an Open Society.

Short description of project:  The action was initiated with the aim of enabling and improving the cooperation of the media and civil society for the public interest. The project included the implementation of the radio show „I want to know – what’s in it for me?“. The series of radio shows was implemented with five civil society organizations from Vojvodina: Environmental Movement of Novi Sad (Pokret gorana Novog Sada), Ogledalo, Youth Non-government Organization, Fund for the Development of Culture and Children and Youth Creativity and Volunteer Center of Vojvodina. Civil society organizations provided their comments on current social processes and phenomena from the perspective of their activities. A total of 100 radio shows were implemented, broadcast three times a day on Radio 021 and published on the web portal in audio and text format. In addition to this, texts following the topics of the radio shows were published on Facebook profiles and web portals of partner organizations participating in the project. Besides Radio 021, the media partner of the project, radio shows were offered for rebroadcasting by members of the local media network of Vojvodina, and Radio Kikinda, Radio Odžaci and Radio Srem rebroadcast shows dedicated to the general situation in the region.